Madrid – People Outdoors

Madrid in the center of Iberia experiences a continental climate.  The majestic city was built on 21 hills. One of the parks is called Parque del Oeste (Western Park).


– One of the hills has the Temple of Debod brought in from Egypt in 1968.

The Spanish people of Madrid love to be outside walking through the wide plazas, pedestrian shopping centers, tree-lined walkways, parks, green spaces, and the historic plazas.  Modern Spain united in 1492 under Ferdinand and Isabella when the kingdoms of Castilla, Navarra, Leon, and Arragon joined together and the Moors were evicted from Granada.   The King moved the seat of government from Toledo to Madrid in 1764 when he started building his Palace.


– A cortado (strong coffee) in the Plaza de Mayor with friends.  This says Madrid to me the most.

Madrid boasts incredible art and the Prado shines the most.  But the beauty of the streets and buildings stunned me…


We tried calamari sandwiches, chocolate and churros, Jamon, and delicious desserts like this…Image

 – Pastries in the San Miguel Market next to the Plaza de Mayor in Madrid.


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