The Boneshaker by Kate Milford

Every once in a while, I stumble on to a book that is so good, that I don’t want to race through it.  I want to slowly read it and enjoy it.  And when it is over, I almost grieve that it is over.  Kate Milford’s Boneshaker ranks as one of those books because of the Medicine show, mysterious abandoned town, automata, duels with the devil, and an adventurous wholly enjoyable main character.  Dr. Limberleg’s Nostrum Fair and Technological Medicine Show mesmerized me.

Other books that I have read that I don’t want to end because the world and characters are too intriguing to give up:

Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

Incarceron and Sapphique – Catherine Fisher

Witches – Roald Dahl

Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

The Oppum Oppidulum world of F.E. Higgins wonderfully depicted in the Eyeball Collector

Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising Series

C.S. Lewis’ Narnia

Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart.

Interesting enough Kate Milford is the only American writer on the list.


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