The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

I know this book has been out for 16 years, and I am sure there are hundreds of glowing reviews by fans.  But, I have to gush a little myself. Turner’s novel holds up well against classic adult literature.  Most young adult / children’s books are driven by fast moving plots and cliffhanger endings at chapters and books.  But, The Thief slowly reveals itself, layer by layer.  A tapestry unfolds artfully displaying rich landscapes, multi-dimensional characters, mythology, and an amazing adventure.  Several plot lines are being unwound at the same time, and those not paying attention may not know it.  Nothing is as expected.  Themes abound.  I am inspired to re-write my top 50 favorite books list.  This will definitely make my Young Adult list, and it might knock a title off my adult book list.


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