Kaffe, Bier, Food – Germany

My first trip to Germany.  I was expecting and ate plenty of Spatzle, Schnitzel, and Pretzels.  I was worried there wouldn’t be any coffee shops.  Plenty of coffee and the other food was fantastic.  The pizza in Germany is very good, my favorite was in Dresden.  The Doner kebabs were outstanding everywhere.  Of course the beer and sausages were top of the line.  The Apple Cake was delicious.


Pizza in Dresden


Bratwurst Neuschwanstein

In St. Louis, Missouri we have a local brewery (Schlafly) that makes a good Kolsch. I get teased from my German friends that Kolsch in Germany is a lightweight beer – almost like a wine cooler. But, I still like to buy Schlafly’s version, and I enjoy it.

The first beer I ordered in Germany at the Joseph Roth Diere restaurant was a Kolsch they were highlighting.  My friends ordered other more “weighty” choices.  The bartender brought out these giant steins of beers to my friends, and then brought me the thin but elegant glass of Kolsch.  The bartender saw my look of dismay, and laughed heartily.  I think this verified my friends warning.  Live and Learn.


beer at the Joseph Roth Diele bar




Pure Origins in Berlin


Coffee in Dresden at the Ontario Steak House


Beer house in Dreseden


Starbucks has the best location in Nurembergs




Little Pub outside of Rothenberg


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