A Wild Moose Chase

I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods of the northern states of the U.S., but I’ve never seen a moose. So yesterday I set off on 300 mile journey visiting the sites in Vermont and NH that have the highest moose sightings – knowing ahead of time this would be about the adventure and not really about the moose. 

Along the way, I ran into a family from Michigan that spent over 2 hours last night in their car camped out by a Moose Crossing sign. They were irritated, no moose showed up. 

Another man said that at Moose Alley near the Canadian border, people park there at night and wait. 

My barista at the coffee shop Moose Muck said that a couple from New Zealand stopped in to the shop and asked to see the moose! 
What these people and others don’t understand is that it’s not really seeing the moose that is important, but being where the moose are. They live in beautiful places filled with treasures. That is the true meaning of going on a Wild Moose Hunt…

Big Falls near Troy VT

Newport VT

Nulhegan River

in Silvio O Conte wildlife refuge

in Danville Notch State Park

no moose but plenty of red winged blackbirds

gorgeous lillies

Mt Washington


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