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A Nightly Ritual

The sun punctuates the circadian rhythms of our lives. Humans from the dawn of time have been captivated by the nightly ritual. 

This photo captures the sun, and two islands of Lanai on the left and Molokai on the right.  The Clouds showed up to play a starring role. 

Sunset in Kahana, Maui


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Crashing Waves of Maui

In the Kahana area in west Maui, there are quite a few peaceful coves and perfect snorkeling areas. But elsewhere on the island the waves are magnificently brutal. Here are some rocky coasts with crashing white waves. 

Nakalele Point north Maui

North Kapalua at Nakalele Point

Makena State Park among the rocks

high tide

up close up and personal Ho’Okipa

crashing the breaker at Ho’Okipa

Ho’Okipa Beach Windsurfing Mecca

Ho ‘Okipa Beach Park

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Haleakala- in the clouds

This volcano is the third largest mountain in the world if you start at the ocean floor where it begins. It is over 29,000 feet high. The scattered cinder cones and the lava flows are amazing. 

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Black Rocks of Maui

Even though the many shades of blue are stunning, these b/w photos provide a nice contrast. 

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Front Street – Lahaina Maui

At the Baldwin House I learned how the Robber Barons of the late 1800’s took over all the Islands by force, so they could make their fortunes. They tried to exterminate the Hawaiians and remove all their cultural aspects. All the Royal Buildings were destroyed. 

Lahaina became a whaling town. 

Now it is pure entertainment, the sunsets are brilliant. 

From Town and the Harbor

surrounded by beauty

The View from Hard Rock Cafe

Bubba Gumps- Location, Location, Location

Front Street from the Harbor

takes up an entire city block

art among the banyan

The Banyan Tree – memorializes the missionaries

The Dole Company – destroyer of culture

first missionary house, hospital, church

Missionaries bring civilatization or ruin?

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Upon arriving at Maui

In the past, I’ve been to the Big Island of Hawaii, Oahu, and Kauai. I had avoided Maui because I thought it was the most “elite”, dominated by 5 star experiences.  I don’t know why I felt this way. 

What I found was a laid back experience much like the Florida Keys.  The Kahana & Napili areas have character.  

I also can’t believe how close Molokai and Lanai are to Maui. They are impressive sights. 

shadow of a pistil

Kahana Beach with Lanai in the background

Maui Brewery in Kahana

beachwalker molokai covered in clouds


the hook he was using was as big as my head



last views

lunch with a view at Dukes

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